End of Summer Renovations Updated

The past few weeks have been busy with renovations around the house, as the current projects are wrapping up for the fall semester. Below are photos of the new fence built during work week that faces Myrtle, the brand new porch ceiling, and the newly renovated front stairs and stonework.

Many thanks to the alumni, advisors, brothers, and contractors for making these beautiful renovations possible! These renovations are best seen in person though, so be sure to RSVP for Rho Pi Alumni Weekend 2014 and the 284 Pawling Centennial Celebration here.

Photo Aug 25, 4 59 11 PM


Photo Aug 25, 3 34 23 PM Renovated_Rebuilt Stoop & Cheek Walls 3



Work Week 2014

This past week, the current Rho Pi brothers arrived in Troy for work week. Throughout the week, brothers completed multiple large projects, making it a very productive week for getting the house ready for the semester, fall rush and alumni weekend. Projects included making a new backyard fence as well as a new fence for the side of the front yard facing Myrtle, placing a drainage pipe to more evenly disperse rain water, new dining room benches, new fixtures on the 1st floor, washing/restriping the drive way, and new house letters. Below are some photos from the week.

IMG_6294 IMG_6301 IMG_6304

Stay tuned for more photos of the new house letters as well as the new coat of paint the house will be getting in the coming weeks. Be sure to see the renovations for yourself at Rho Pi Alumni Weekend 2014!

The Bannister Big Ball is Back

Many thanks go to Rho Pi alumnus Mark Oldstad ’78 who used his lathe to create the big wooden ball that used to sit atop the curl on the foyer bannister. The ball was recently installed at a ceremonial gluing. Mark has also been hard at work repairing the back staircase’s spindles to strengthen the bannister’s integrity. Thank you again Mark for your dedicated hard work in helping restore the chapter house for our upcoming 284 Pawling Cetennial Celebration.

Banister Big Ball Banister Big Ball 2 Banister Big Ball 3

Summer Renovations Progress Report

As summer continues on, so do the renovations being done at Rho Pi. The first big project, a comple replacement of the brother room floor, was completed in mid-June.

New Brother Room

More recently, both the back door staircase and the kitchen staircase were renovated. Before and after shots of both are pictured below.



The next masonry project is underway, with the renovation of the front staircase stonework. Deconstruction and cleaning has started to prep it for renovation, pictured below.


More renovations will continue to be completed throughout the summer leading up to Work Week, including a spot repoint of the entire stone facade around the house. Stay tuned for more updates as the summer comes to a close.

As always, many thanks to the generous alumni whose donations make these renovations possible, and to our dedicated alumni advisors for donating their time and effort to manage these renovations.